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Magdalena After the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ, Mary Magdalene, reputed to be his wife, gave birth to a daughter, Sarah. From this child is descended the holy lineage of the Magdalena, a royal bloodline that passes great power and great honor from mother to daughter. The Magdelena serves as the warrior and protector of the Catholic Church. Since the Middle Ages, the Roman Catholic Church has been the Magdalena's employer. They raise her from childhood and train her until she is ready to take hold of her destiny. It is the Inquisition, a secretive and mystical but powerful council of cardinals, that oversees the Magdalena's activities and chooses her missions.

Magdalena was created by David Wohl and Joe Benitez in her original incarnation. She first appeared in The Darkness #15 (1998). The modern version was created by Brian Holguin and Eric Basaldua, first appearing in Witchblade #62.

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