Maikone Union Vol 1. No. 3
Real Name

Relayer (rank) in the Protectorate army on Aegena
Place of Birth
Place of Death
Earth; killed by Regent
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Maikone was a member of a faction, called the Protectorate, on his homeworld of Aegena. The world was mired in a long civil war, as the Protectorate fought against another faction, the Directorate, for control of the planet. The members of both factions had special "stones" (in reality, a symbiotic organism) embedded in their chests. The stones imbued them with a variety of powers, including super strength, flight, energy manipulation and a staff composed of pure energy.

Maikone first appeared as a Relayer in the Protectorate army back on Aegena. He was under the command of Eliya who was the leader of Union during his time in the Protectorate. Maikone had thus replaced Union since his disappearance from Aegena. At some point during the war, Maikone and Eliya traveled to Earth via a portal. They quickly followed missing teammate Union to the American state of Maine.[1] There, they met and questioned painter Jill Monroe about Union's whereabouts and learned a portion of Union's activities through Monroe. As soon as Union returned to Jill's home after his encounter with Mnemo, Maikone and Eliya listened to Union's more honest, in-depth account of his time on earth. Maikone was the subject of some heated words from Union to criticized Eliya for her sudden and drastic changes including recruiting Maikone as her new "lap dog". That caused Maikone to briefly lose his temper with Union before Eliya quickly intervened to restrain him.[2] After more discussion was exchanged between Eliya and Union, Maikone left earth with Eliya, returning to Aegena to leave Union behind as he refused to join them.

Ultimately, Maikone was not seen again until several months later, where his body was found on Coney Island in New York. Union was called in by New York Police Inspector Collazo[3] to identify the body as Maikone bore the obvious Protectorate uniform and distinctive power stone on his chest. It later was revealed that Maikone was killed by the Directorate supervillain Prince Regent.

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