In Japan at the end of the Southern Sung Dynasty, there was a ruthless governor of Shansi province named Zheng Li. Zheng Li feared attack by neighboring Mongols and surrounded himself with the greatest warriors he could find. To pay for such warriors, it was necessary to tax his peasants exorbitantly.

When one of his villages could not pay, they sent a curiosity instead to amuse the governor. The curiosity was a severely deformed 22 year-old man named Chenglei. He could not speak, and was covered in large bulbous growths from head to toe. Chenglei also appeared to be immune to pain - and it was this ability that provided amusement for the governor. Chenglei was chained in the governor's palace to be tortured and humiliated until such time that the governor might grow weary of him.

His stay was cut short, however, when an arrow shot by the governor's bodyguard, Yang Sith, struck a vulnerable spot on Chenglei just above his heart. Dying in his cage, Chenglei was visited by the mysterious Mykoto, who offered him a deal on behalf of Malebolgia. Chenglei accepted, and died soon after. After his death, Chenglei returned as a Hellspawn and wrought revenge upon all those who had injured him in life.

Chenglei decimated all of the governor's warriors and killed everyone except a kindly storyteller and the governor himself. He left the governor to a special fate - to never truly die nor decompose, but to remain on display in a cage until the end of days.

When Chenglei left Shansi, his story turned to legend. It is said he formed a band of warriors who followed him and his woman into the gates of Hell where he rules a small corner with his concubine at his side. Mandarin Spawn appears in a cameo in 297.

Powers and abltilies

As a hellspawn Mandarin posesses superhuman Strength,Speed,and Stamina as well as rengeration,durabilty,and the ablility to use Magic.

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