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Quote1 Put yourself in the hands of your old pal Marlinspike. Quote2
-- Marlinspike


Marlinspike promised Jack Northworthy his deepest desire, to become the president of the United States of America, in exchange for signing a contract with him.[1]


Citizen Jack Vol 1 2 001

Marlinspike takes control violently of the campaign.

At first, Jack's campaign was going horrible. Mr. Bollinger continued to fund him as he enjoyed the grass roots candidate. Marlinspike recommended to Jack that they head to Ohio instead of Iowa next. Donna pushed for Iowa but they moved forward as Jack knew Marlinspike promised him he'd win if he follows his orders. When they arrived in Ohio, Jack met with his friend who was now the mayor. A man attempted to assassinate Jack during the speech and instead of backing down, Jack charged forward and was shot in the stomach. His friend died from wounds and Jack was brought to the hospital. His electability jumped through the roof when America saw how he wasn't afraid to back down from a fight. When Jack woke up, he asked Marlinspike if his friend really had to die for him to become president.[2]

Citizen Jack Vol 1 3 002

Marlinspike stands behind a Honeycutt ready to do Jack's dirty work.

Later, Marlinspike handed Jack a gun. Later that night Jack found out that Honeycutt had paid his way to beat Jack. Marlinspike stabbed Honeycutt through the back and Jack stood there with the gun in his hand. Honeycutt's associates broke into the room and discovered Jack standing there with the gun. They at first were frightened and were going to call the police, but Jack reminded them he was the only chance they had at winning the race. They agreed to work for Jack as Marlinspike stood behind him.[3]

Marlinspike continued to require human sacrifices. Jack thought he wanted him to kill Donna, however, he couldn't when she said she'd continue to stand by him. Jack decided to kill his father and Marlinspike agreed to continue to help him now that more people have been murdered.[4]

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