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Mason is an ex-junkie who went to jail for a year for breaking and entering. After serving his time, he finds it hard to pay his bills and stay clean with his wife, Becky, and kid, Kaitlyn.[1]

When his co-worker and buddy, Dylan, called and said he was having a hard time readjusting to regular life, Mason responded by taking his daughter with him. When they arrived, he left his daughter to stay in the car for a moment. He ended up having a hard time convincing Dylan to leave and Mason stayed for one drink. When he walked outside, the cops were waiting for him, smelled the beer on his breath, and his daughter was missing from his vehicle. They arrested Mason on the spot.[1]

Mason was approached in an interrogation room by Detective McPherson. He gave Mason a hard time and asked where his wife was located. Mason couldn't believe his wife had gone missing as well. The Detective showed him a picture of her meeting with Joel, their ex-dealer. He pretended to not know Joel. As soon as he was released, he approached his buddy Dylan and they went to ambush Joel. However, Mason let his anger take hold of him when he found out Joel gave Becky heroin and he punched Joel. When Joel's had struck the corner of a coffee table, his head cracked open and he bleed to death on the ground. He quickly left Pinky, a rabid pitbull, into the room and shut the door behind him. He told Dylan that the dog would eat the evidence and no one would know they were there as they took off.[2]

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