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Master Lin
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Master Lin

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Quote1.png Throughout history, wars are always fought by children. Is it not humane to prepare them? Quote2.png
-- Master Lin


Master Lin is the wise headmaster of the King's Dominion Atelier of the Deadly Arts assassin training school.

Master Lin introduces the students to their new assassination home.

Master Lin offered Marcus Arguello a chance to join their school. He admitted to have been watching him for years. After accepting him, Master Lin set the rules that he would be killed if he revealed anything about the school. He explained there are no drugs, sex, unsanctioned killing, or disobedience to instructors.[1]

Later at the school, Shabnam, Marcus' roommate, reported to Master Lin about Marcus's journal. Master Lin informed Shabnam to continue earning Marcus's trust and to return the journal back to the room so that it appeared untouched.[2]

After the raid on the Tenderloin and chase by El Alma del Diablo, Master Lin met with Maria. She began informing him of a false story to cover up their unsanctioned killing. Master Lin then poisoned Maria. Amante Jael appeared from his closet and Master Lin informed her that the punishment fit the crime.[3]

Master Lin called the students together for a meeting. He announced he knew there was murder occurring within the school. He announced their new assignment was to kill those students who have killed others.[4]

Kill the Rats

Master Lin soon called Saya and Willie Lewis into his office. He was furious that they had allowed Marcus to escape school grounds. He told them their new assignment was to kill Marcus and his crew, or else he would bring shame upon the Kuroki syndicate.[5]

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