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Quote1 Like I said-- winnin'. Winnin' helps folks forget Quote2
-- Materhead


Materhead is a degenerate ex-football player for the Running Rebs. He works with the Coach Boss and was ordered to attack Dusty Tutwiler upon his behalf. When Earl Tubb overheard the disturbance, Earl rushed in to save Dusty.[1]

After Dusty was killed later by Coach Boss. Earl approached Esaw and Materhead at Boss BBQ. He physically threatened them to tell him where Dusty was located. In retaliation, the rebs soon broke into Earl's home. They found Tad sitting in his room watching TV. After Tad gave them some lip, they beat the boy near half to death.[2] As they left the building, Materhead threw up on the side of the porch as he felt remorse for what they did to the boy.[3]

Upon discovering what happened to the boy Tad, Earl decided to make his stand. Earl pushed his luck too far and threatened Coach Boss in public. Materhead then witnessed the coach beat Earl to death in the street in front of the whole town.[4]

Later, a funeral was held for Earl. Materhead was shocked that Coach Boss would go and have the gall given that he had murdered him. He later was surprised that Coach Boss mounted the Tubb Bat in Coach BBQ as a symbol for the town that everyone should obey Coach Boss.[5]

As Tad recovered, Materhead would visit him and bring him Running Reb paraphernalia in hopes to make up for his actions. He began witnessing a dog that resembled Rebel, the school's old mascot. When he asked Esaw for advice and cautioned him that there are superstitions with bad luck and the dog, Esaw laughed at Materhead. He told him that Rebel is long-dead, they had killed him after he bit Coach Boss and the team then lost to Wetumpka, a big school rival.[3]

However, the cheers were cut short as they were stomped. The Wetumpka Warriors had a running back that was nearly twice the size of their largest man. As the defensive coach, Esaw recommended they cheat and attempt to break the boy's knees. Coach Boss became furious that Esaw would win this way and fired him as the defensive coordinator. He put Materhead in charge of the defensive coaching position but it didn't matter, the Rebs were crushed by the Warriors and lost the important game.[6]

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