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Appearing in "Extreme Destroyer part 2"

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  • Obedience (First Appearance)

Synopsis for "Extreme Destroyer part 2"

Maximage is nervous and overwhelmed as she senses the thoughts of Youngblood, Supreme, and the other heroes gathered at the Pentagon. Unable to explain how she teleported there, she nevertheless insists she is their ally. Diehard and Keever are skeptical, but Supreme vouches for her, recalling legends of Maximage told centuries in the future. Elsewhere, a wounded Kid Supreme wakes up to the Ancient levitating before him. The Ancient reveals he prevented the Shepherd from killing Kid Supreme and invites the young hero to follow him. In northern Peru, the Extreme Warrior scales a cliff and discovers a crashed Keep ship. At the Pentagon, Keever and Diehard release Combat from his cell and explains that Alexander Graves created a clone of him who served with Youngblood. Now, they ask his help in battling the Keep. Combat is stunned that the team greets him as a friend though he has never met them. The Shepherd appears outside, and Maximage flies off to confront him alone. She is able to hold him at bay, but he soon wounds her with an energy blast, and she vanishes. Communion and Imperion, the Keep’s leaders, note her resistance and prepare to respond. Having watched Maximage’s defeat, Supreme is about to act when the Shepherd ignites the sky.


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