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Plot Synopsis for "Rage of Angels, Part 5 - Goin' to Glory"

In the Middle East, Angela and Glory close in on Celestine. Maximage suddenly falls out of the sky from her teleport and accidentally reverts to her mortal form. Maximage loses control of her powers and teleports everyone far away.

Glory finds Lori and works with her on using her powers. Their time is cut short as Celestine finds them as she carries an unconscious Angela.

Maximage watches helpless as she's unable to use her powers. When she sees her friends begin to lose the battle, she musters her strength to become maximage once more. When she casts a spell on Celestine, Malebolgia is revealed to be in control of her the entire time. Maximage launches her Staff of Power at Malebolgia, forcing him to return to Hell.


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