Real Name
Maya Royka
Current Alias
Karl Hansen (aka Sunburst) (husband)

Unusual Features
Amphibious humanoid. Does not possess a nose.
UN Operative
First appearance


Maya Royka (aka Nautika), was a UN Operative and part of the first official superhuman team known as StormWatch Prime. She first joined the team back in 1978 along with originals Battalion (team leader), Flashpoint and Backlash (co-leader/trainer). She acted as a moderator, buffering the tempers of rivals Battalion and Flashpoint.

More significantly, Nautika became the eventual wife of Sunburst who later joined the team with the similar assignment of acting as a counter element to the feud between Battalion and Flashpoint. Nautika and Sunburst were married sometime before their tour of duty during the Desert Storm Operation in Kuwait. Nautika, Flashpoint and Sunburst all were captured by the superhuman mercenary Deathtrap and held for several years. The three were later rescued by Battalion who led an unsanctioned mission into Gamorra where Prime was held.

Post Capture and Leave of Duty

For an undetermined length of time after the rescue, StormWatch Prime (then only comprised of Nautika, Sunburst and Flashpoint), were kept off-duty, per the negative evaluations of Skywatch Psych analysts. During this time, they were only encouraged to focus on resuming normal lives until time came to reevaluate their combat readiness. Nautika and Flashpoint recovered relatively well from their ordeal by Deathtrap, however Sunburst did not.

Return to Active Duty

Months after the rescue of StormWatch Prime, a global crisis struck involving a mass number of Daemonite forces launching attacks on various key locations and monuments. With the number of operatives stretched to the limit, the Vatican was left undefended by superhuman forces. It was decided finally by a reluctant Weatherman One to return StormWatch Prime to active duty.[1] The team successfully defeated the Daemonite threat at the Vatican and disarmed the bomb set to destroy that location, largely due to the initiative shown by Sunburst, who led the team and neutralized the bomb threat. The success of the mission led Weatherman One to officially return StormWatch Prime to full active duty.

While on duty once more, StormWatch Prime was still assigned to low-profile missions, including making repairs on Skywatch's hull after team member Hellstrike no longer could control his energy levels and consequently went "nova" aboard the space station, causing a devastating explosion.[2][3] Prime was also sent to pick up from the StormWatch Training Center, new recruits Undertow and Pagan.[4]

Over time however, Nautika and Sunburst would attempt to enjoy some much-wanted/needed time alone together. However, they were always interrupted by mission-calls. Among such times included a call to retrieve Flashpoint who had gone "rogue" in a personal mission to hunt down Deathtrap and The MERCs in an attempt to extract answers for StormWatch Prime's imprisonment. Both Nautika and Sunburst accomplished their mission and apprehended Flashpoint, returning him to Skywatch custody. This worked out well for the manipulative Lord Defile, who had programmed Nautika and Sunburst to do his bidding when the time came.

Wildstorm Crisis & Aftermath

The time in which Lord Defile would need his two pawns, Nautika and Sunburst first came when Sunburst downloaded top secret Skywatch files on the WildC.A.T.s[5] and sent the information via computer to Defile. During the Wildstorm Crisis, Prime was only comprised of Sunburst and Nautika, after Flashpoint was held in custody at the U.N. Lockdown for his "criminal" conduct.[6] Nautika retrieved Backlash out of the ocean after his fight with Lord Helspont.[7] Afterwards, Stormwatch, (consisting of all active members except for Flashpoint, Battalion, Undertow and Pagan) joined forces with Image's top named teams Wetworks, and WildC.A.T.s to take on Helspont. During the battle, Nautika and Sunburst were activated by Defile and commanded to aid him in capturing the coveted spaceship that would guarantee the Earth's destruction.[8] They neutralized Spartan who attempted to sabotage the ship's controls, before Sunburst broke free of Defile's control. Defile then commanded Nautika to attack her husband. Upon doing so, she snapped out of her brainwashed state, realizing the harm she had done to her husband who then became a paraplegic.

In the wake of the Wildstorm event, Nautika resigned from StormWatch altogether. Her husband Sunburst was placed under a coma. With Flashpoint still under incarceration, StormWatch Prime was finished.

Character Powers and Equipment

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


  • Amphibious
  • Electrokinesis: Nautika has the power to generate a 20,000 volt charge outside of water. Standing in water, her power is enhanced by 40%, raising her volt charge to 60,000.
  • Flight

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