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Plot Synopsis for the 1st Story

While Lord Cardinale and Medieval Spawn battle, Archon Matthew Royale tells Spawn and Katarina Godliffe he will neutralize the Elvish magic. Not trusting him, Stalker secretly follows him to see his true plan.

When Stalker finds him looking into a mirror and asking when the apocalypse will come, he makes his move into the room. He's blown out the window by the Royale sorcerer and Medieval Spawn catches him as he falls from the window.

Lord Cardinale 001

Lord Cardinale enters battle.

On the other end of the battle, Elinor approaches Lord Cardinale and warns him the Witchblade could destroy his Darkness.

Royale casts a spell which causes the Witchblade to transform and take over Katarina's body. As she attacks Spawn, Spawn pleads to remember her humanity and how they met previously and Katarina regains control of her body.

Spawn, Katarina, Elinor, and Cardinale enter into battle with each other. When Cardinale realized he was bested, he called all the power of the Darkness back into him, absorbing Elinor as she had been made of pure Darkness. Katarina becomes enraged, and uses her Witchblade to behead Cardinale.

Stalker grabs gold and says now that he has the loot they can go. As they arrive back home, the gold turns to lead.

In the present, Royale removes the head of Cardinale from the box and asks if he's ready for Armageddon.


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