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Melissa is the understanding and patient girlfriend of Travis Crowe.

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Melissa returns home to her boyfriend Travis Crowe.

She helped Travis research his biological parents and even dug up an old photo of another man with the same genetic eye defect as him.[1] When she took Travis to see the man who took picture, they suddenly find themselves in a scuffle as the Travis recognizes him as potentially someone who had harmed Klay, Travis' friend who was killed earlier. Melissa waited outside the police station and brought Travis home home from police station after they were both arrested. They discussed that it was strange that no charges were pressed as they drove off.[2]

Later, the two finished moving in to their apartment together. Melissa said she wanted to meet with him for dinner but Travis was aloof about where he was going. When he was late, Melissa was fed up and was about to storm out of the bar when he finally showed up. After he sweet talked her, she agree to stay. However, he was soon distracted by two bullied and ended up in a fight again. She decided to leave him at the bar as the two men were pummeling him.[3]

After several unreturned phone calls, Melissa finally returned to her apartment to find Travis talking with another woman. The woman told her they met in orphan classes. Melissa blew up again at Travis as he continually doesn't tell her the truth on things. She headed upstairs and called a social woman's help group.[4]

Over the next few days, she continued to give Travis the cold-shoulder and passive aggressively made comments about him hanging out with other women. Travis protested Jennifer was just his sister. She began to pack her bags to leave Travis for a few days, but her hot-headed brother insisted she stay away permenatly. In the heat of the moment, Seth, let slip that Melissa was pregnant. Rather than face his issues with his girlfriend being pregnant with his child, Travis told Melissa to just leave.[5]

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