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  • Do you have 3 recommendations for a starting points/best single issue reads/events for Savage Dragon/highbrow?

    See these pages for what I'm trying to create:

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    • If you prefer singles, start with The Dragon #1 .

      If you prefer trades, start with the Savage Dragon Vol. 1: Baptism of Fire trade.

      If you don't care about color, start with the Savage Dragon Archives Vol. 1 trade.


      Here's a list of the core Highbrow titles:

      Here's a list of the most important guest appearances by Highbrow characters in other people's comics:

      Here's a list of nearly every Highbrow story in chronological order:

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    • Starting Points:

      The Dragon #1: Start of an extended version of the original SD miniseries.

      Savage Dragon #76: Dragon awakes in a completely different universe.

      Savage Dragon #145: Start of the "Back in Blue" arc.  SD #145-169 form possibly the most epic era of Dragon.

      Savage Dragon #170: With Dragon apparently dead, Malcolm and Angel take center stage.

      Savage Dragon #193: As a tribute to Captain America #193 marking the return of Jack kirby to that character, SD #193 marks the official beginning of Malcolm's tenure as the series' main character.

      Best Single Issue Reads:

      Hard to pick any single issues of SD that jump out individually, but I do have a soft spot for Savage Dragon #188.

      Important Events:

      The Dragon #1-5: Extended version of the original miniseries, introduces Dragon and sets up his world.

      Gang War (Savage Dragon #24-26): With the death of head baddie OverLord, the super-powered gangs of Chicago are at war.

      A Talk with God (Savage Dragon #27-33): Witness the birth of Dragon's son Malcolm, the death and ressurection of Dragon himself, and guest appearances by the Maxx, WildStar, Spawn, and even God and the Devil.

      Savage She-Dragon (Savage Dragon #51-58): WIth Dragon dead again, She-Dragon takes the lead.

      End of the World (Savage Dragon #73-75): By the time this storyline ends, nothing will ever be the same again.

      Image World Tour (Savage Dragon #132-144): In Dragon's search for his missing wife, he encounters Spawn, Invincible, Witchblade, Bomb Queen, and other Image characters.

      Savage Dragon #0: The origin of Dragon.  Probably best read around SD #150 (which included this story as a back-up).

      Emperor Dragon (SD #145-169):  Possibly the greatest storyline in all of Dragon's history.  What happens when the ghosts of Dragon's fogotten origin come back to haunt him and his friends?

      Savage Dragon on Trial (SD #184-192): After the events of the Emperor Dragon arc, Dragon returns home to Earth, alive and well.  But not everyone is welcome to see him again.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hey talk to me about the char profiles you're creating. We definitely appreciate the help. One thing we always want is a picture for any new character profile created. I know we have some old ones that need to be reconciled but I saw you added some new ones. Are you going to added pictures for these characters? Were you going to maybe add one or two sentences for an overview describing character at a high level? Appreciate the bukakke of updates either way.

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  • You seem to really enjoy linking the universes and writers to comics/images. Appreciate the help, it's something Una and I knew needed to happen but we've been focused on some other tasks. Keep it up!

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Use {{Character Appearances}} on those cat/appearances pages instead of manually adding categories please. It will auto add that category as well as create infobox and link back to char pages.

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  • Yo, I can't speak for Una but later Glory was on Awesome which went to ABC no? Where did Image ever get rights to Glory after Rob left?

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    • If it's published by Image, or an imprint, it goes on this site and it's permanent. We don't get rid of content when it moves. It was on Image, it gets documented by Image Database.

      Volumes are respective to Image published materials only. I've spoken with other publisher admins and we agree there's enough information in the volume description that people can figure it out.

      Non-canon source can be referenced if critical for explaining canon material but should be called out.

      If issues are bought, if Image is going to print it, and no active wikia exists for the material, this is the grey area. We should point to the wikia authoritative source if it exists. So characters from DC, Marvel etc should point to those wikias and not recreate pages for them. Alternate option is wikipedia pages. If image is going to be the only print publisher, we can cover it here.

      I owe John and the community a policy on this though. I think it's cut and clear 99% of the time. John recently expressed concern on another wiki about this and we owe it to start working on this. I think there's fine tuning to happen, but it hasn't been a priority or issue to bring up for us since the 90s and early 2000s which tends to be John's area of expertise.

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    • Makes sense to me

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    • Yeah.

      In the mid 1990s, Liefeld had a publishing imprint called Maximum Press, which was the first company to publish Avengelyne.  Maximum briefly published Supreme and some Youngblood related titles, before Liefeld started another new company, Awesome Entertainment.  And shortly after Awesome folded, Liefeld had yet another company, Arcade Comics.  And now he's publishing his characters through Image again, basically because he's friends with Kirkman and Eric Stephenson.

      ABC (America's Best Comics, owned by WildStorm and DC Comics) never published Liefeld's characters, rather, Alan Moore took the ideas he developed for Glory, and transfered them to a seperate series called Promethea, which was an ABC title.

      So, do we cover the comics published by Maximum, Awesome, and Arcade?  I say yes, because the Liefeld characters are integral to the Image superhero "universe".  

      Likewise, what about the Mike Allred Madman titles not published by Image, or the Powers issues published by Marvel/Icon, or non-Image appearances of the Maxx?  Or Anti-Hero, which wasn't published by Image, but is part of the Faerberverse?

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    • A FANDOM user
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