Mike Strunk

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Mike Strunk
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Deputy Corespondent for the Press


Mike Strunk is a deputy correspondent for the press and follows the letter of the law.

Mike chased P.I. when he was taking illegal pictures for a mercenary job. However, he lost PI in the crowd due to his Dreamcoat and called into headquarters about the case.[1] He was first to the crime scene of Taj McGill, who had just seen PI before her death. He found the name Patrick Immelmann written on her hand. Following up on the lead, he interviewed her sister, Raveena McGill, who gave him no information on the case as she was secretly working with PI in the background.[2]

Later, Strunk visited Melanie in the hospital after she had been in a car crash while driving PI. She refused to give him any information. Later, DeGuerre had his two Frenchmen kidnap Melanie from the hospital for information on PI. Strunk entered into a firefight with her abductors and was able to kill one before they escaped with Melanie.[3] Soon the Chief of the press arrived and ordered a deputy to find Strunk's body. However, Detective Verdi informed him that Strunk was still alive and in the hospital. The Chief found to the room and Strunk gave him the lead of PI. He spotted a card in Melanie's room that had the initials written on it and realized she was connected. The Chief informed him he would take the information up the chain as the Citizen National News was taking over the story.[4]

Three months later after PI disappeared while foiling DeGuerre's plot to relaunch the internet, Mike Strunk approached Raveena on a park bench. He told her about rumors he had hear about a female paparazzi taking up the mantle and recommended that if it were her, she should quit. He leaves her a small piece of PI's Dreamcoat as he leaves. She placed it over her head with only an eye exposed as an homage to PI.[5]

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