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  • Ronnie
  • Kurt
  • Carla
  • God (First Appearance) (flashback only)




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Plot Synopsis for "Nancy in Hell 2 of 4"

Lucifer attempts to heal Nancy from her wounds, but she slaps his hand away. A confused Nancy sees that Lucifer doesn't fit the description as he is depicted in the Bible, commenting about his attractive physique and lack of horns. Lucifer becomes saddened at the fact that he is depicted as someone evil and the ruler of Hell. He says that he deserves this and that was created by his own sin. Lucifer goes into detail about his origin.

Flashing back to when God created the universe, he separated light and dark. Also, he would create angels or the First Born, setting Lucifer as the more stronger one. Being the Morning Star, he would enjoy his life as an angel. He would fly across the Earth in joy and see God create man in his own image. God would give man what angels lacked: free will. Despite his love for God, he would question why man had free will and they didn't. An angry God would send his fellow angels in an attempt to kill the rebel Lucifer, but Lucifer held his own as he was stronger than the rest. God burned off Lucifer's angel wings and cast him into the darkness. A saddened Lucifer was filled with regret and screams for God's forgiveness. However, it was unheard.

The dark would incubate on Lucifer's suffering and Hell would be born. Over time, it would feed on dead Humans and would become a storage place for them. Lucifer begins wiping away his tears as he has felt guilty for what he's caused. A convinced Nancy tells him to keep explaining.

Meanwhile, Mr. Macabre aka Pytho speaks with a demon named Cheitan. Cheitan asks how Pytho will take care of Lucifer from escaping Hell as Hell relies on Lucifer's pain to sustain. He reveals that he will use the Braindead to take care of him.

Nancy continues with Lucifer while climbing a mountain. Lucifer reveals that she must go to the Gates of Hell if she wants to get back to Earth. As Nancy climbs the mountain, Lucifer floats atop. Nancy goes on to say that she doesn't trust him and he begins to cry as she thinks he is evil. He wallows in grief and asks that she leave him behind. An angry Nancy tells him to get it together by asking for forgiveness or telling God to "fuck off." A voice speaks to her and she follows. Lucifer warns her that it's a trap and she revs her chainsaw. Nancy reveals more of her origin to Lucifer.

When Nancy was in high school, she had a boyfriend who was the quarterback while she was a cheerleader. She would tease him much. As they graduated on to college sophomores, they would still date and have made two friends, Ronnie and Carla. Ronnie is what someone would call a "stoner" and as Nancy describes, "rolls the best joints." Carla was Nancy's roommate and what she calls a "skank." She would grow to care for them very deeply. The romantic evening suddenly turned dark after her friends were brutally murdered before her eyes with a chainsaw. An old man with glasses would kill her last with an injection.

As they approach, Lucifer can feel a demonic presence approaching. Nancy goes on ahead while Lucifer remains behind to face it. Nancy finds her lost friends, but soon discovers that they have become Braindead. Cheitan would tempt Lucifer and try to convince to stay, stating that he "belongs with them."


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