Appearing in "Nancy in Hell on Earth 1 of 4"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Angels
  • Unnamed damned people
  • Paul
  • Samantha

Unnamed police officers Locations:


  • Nancy's Chainsaw
  • Golden States Warriors Jersey (Cameo)
  • Police issue shotgun
  • Police issue Glock pistol
  • US Military Soldier equipment
  • M4 Assault Rifle.


  • US Military Vehicles
    • US Military Tanks
    • US Military Humvees
    • US Military APC

Plot Synopsis for "Nancy in Hell on Earth 1 of 4"

Macabre goes through the Cocytus, Hell's frozen circle. The frozen circle of Hell takes a toll as he loses his foot as he walks. To the darkness, he reveals that he went to Earth to kill Nancy, something God forbade and how her willpower was extremely powerful. The darkness thanks Macabre for manipulating Lucifer and Nancy into releasing Hell on Earth. A saddened Nancy and Lucifer look in horror. Lucifer cries out to God, but he has no response. Nancy attempts to have sex with Lucifer, but Lucifer refuses. She pulls his hands towards her breast. However, the real Nancy emerges after urinating, revealing it to be nothing more than a succubus. Lucifer apologizes and they continue their journey. He sees a large beast and attempts to vaporize however. However, Lucifer’s weakness is revealed; his powers only work in Hell, not Earth. Lucifer is crushed by said beast and Nancy in launched from the impact

Meanwhile, a mother named Samantha and her son, Paul attempt to leave the chaos in the streets. They are saved by a police officer named Ernest Irving when catch the attention of two demons. They are transported by Ernest a temporary shelter. Ernest describes what is happening as the Apocalypse foretold in Christian lore. Ernest arrives to a worried Janet and she is annoyed by him quoting the Bible. She asks for his help in moving the evacuated citizens. However, the nursing home citizens are really demons. The demon shows its grotesque form and the officers unleash their bullets on it. Nancy arrives to their aid and successfully kills it. She asks for their help in moving a bruised and wounded Lucifer. Lucifer is revealing to not have lost all his powers as he still has his inability to die. Janet comments about how attractive he is and Lucifer cries while revealing that he knows who she is. A confused Ernest asks about the situation and Nancy reveals that Lucifer isn’t the person that he’s portrayed as in the Bible. She also reveals that Hell had followed them after they escaped.

Macabre watches from atop and releases Hellspores in the atmosphere. The U.S. military attempts to kill one of the demons, but overwhelmed as the bullets they use have no effect on the large creature. An angel appears and materializes a sword. She slices the beast in half. The soldiers cheer on. The people cheering are slain by her. The angel shows their lack of respect for Humans by calling them "monkeys". One angel, Gabrielle, senses Lucifer’s presence and says that they must find him.



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