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Appearing in "Extreme Destroyer part 3: New Day Dawning"

Featured Characters:

  • New Man (appears in both flashback and main story)

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • an Acuran (flashback only)
  • Angela (flashback only)
  • Emp (flashback only)




Synopsis for "Extreme Destroyer part 3: New Day Dawning"

New Man recalls the various adventures of his long life with the Keep always tracking him. Now, he appears before the Shepherd and explains that he made Maximage disappear.  He tells the Shepherd he wants to talk alone, and they teleport away. At the Pentagon, Supreme and Youngblood are arguing about what to do when New Man appears and warns that they must act.  When Alan Keever asks him what he knows about the Keep, he freezes Keever.  In retaliation, Bloodpool and Youngblood attack, but New Man effortlessly subdues them.  He reiterates how outgunned they are by the Keep and insists they trust him. Elsewhere, Chapel is drinking in a bar when Maximage appears and teleports him away.  Aboard a Keep vessel, Byrd and Kodiak are escorted to the cell holding their fellow New Men along with Glory, Psilence, and Shaft.  Byrd explains that bounty hunters sold him to the Keep.  The Shepherd enters and says they should be more concerned with what happens next.  Back at the Pentagon, New Man explains how the Keep are an advanced civilization that conquers other worlds to acquire resources and have merged their minds with their starships.  They spread across the universe seeding worlds with the Nu-Gene to breed super-powered beings to serve as slaves.  New Man then reveals his plan is for Youngblood and their allies to disable the Keep ships from the inside.


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