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Appearing in "Extreme Sacrifice part 5"

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Synopsis for "Extreme Sacrifice part 5"

The New Men leave for the airport to return to Seattle.  Distraught over her missing son, Dash is convinced her apocalyptic vision is coming true.  At the airport, Byrd’s anger at Reign grows when Dash reveals she has no memory of Reign impregnating her.  Reign sees Crypt outside and tells them to run just before he crashes through the window. Reign telepathically calls Proctor and Pilot for help and then engages Crypt with Exit and Kodiak while Byrd flies Dash to safety.  The Brotherhood of Man is secretly surveilling the team, and Girth confirms to Reigert that the New Men are the ones he encountered.  At the University of Colorado, Jamie Forester wakes up to find a man in her room.  He tells her she has the Nu-Gene and must come with him right away to Seattle.  Back at Dulles Airport, Khyber attacks Crypt, but Crypt slams him into the floor and crushes his skull.  Proctor and Pilot lead the team out onto the tarmac.  Byrd puts Dash in a taxi and sends her to Youngblood headquarters for help.  In Washington state, Elemental finds the Genesis Pods, but, to his horror, they are all empty.  Crypt overcomes Reign just as Bloodstrike and the Order of the Knight arrive.  Warwolf keeps Crypt busy while Link has Exit teleport the New Men and the Order to Youngblood headquarters.  They materialize to find Youngblood surrounding them.


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