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  • Lowry




Synopsis for "Reign Fall"

In Seattle, Detective Fowles investigates the murder of a young couple that appears related to Reign.  At Proctor’s lodge, Dash finds someone made her hot tea while Pilot and Proctor question Reign about his control gem.  Pilot tries to remove it, and Reign lashes out with his powers.  The rest of the team hears the attack and comes running, but Reign telepathically takes control of Exit and forces him to teleport the two of them away.  Elsewhere, Elemental is escorted to his captors’ boss, Black Jack.  At Pike Place Market in Seattle, Jamie and Paul are following the disguised stranger they met when Reign and Exit teleport in.  Reign recognizes the stranger and attacks him while Exit teleports away with Paul.  The New Men arrive and engage Reign as Jamie explains who she is to Proctor. The stranger sheds his trench coat and hat, revealing himself to be Khyber.  Reign keeps Khyber and the New Men at bay until Proctor distracts him long enough for Pilot to knock him out.  Proctor then places a neural inhibitor on Reign to suppress his psionic powers.  Meanwhile, an informant refuses to share information with a Brotherhood of Man leader until Girth arrives so the leader kills him.  Back at the lodge, the New Men discuss Khyber’s return and Exit’s disappearance.  Outside, the cloaked figure who has been lurking around the lodge ambushes Khyber and threatens to kill him.


  • This issue includes a character profile of Elemental with art by Todd Nauck, Lary Stucker, and Andre Khromov.

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