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Synopsis for "Dominion part 1: Fast Forward"

Bootleg, Byrd, Dash, and Kodiak are held captive by two guards who reveal they are in the future.  In a lab inside an asteroid, Khyber and Pilot watch as Proctor removes Reign’s gem.  At the New Men’s lodge, the cloaked lurker hides as Paul emerges from a portal, but Exit refuses to join him.  In the future, Dominion interrogates Kodiak while Byrd talks Dash into trying to seduce the guards.  When they come to escort her to Dominion, she flirts with them and learns Dominion is a future version of one of the New Men, but he does not remember which one.  Once he discovers which one, his plan is take over the body of his younger self. Meanwhile, Elemental agrees to kill the New Men for Black Jack in exchange for escaping Dominion.  But, he wants to know why Black Jack, a former member of the New Men, wants them dead.  Having freed herself, Dash gets a gun and releases Kodiak.  In the present, Girth is teleported out of jail by Brotherhood leader Brock Hagstrom and once again tasked with eliminating the New Men.  In the asteroid lab, Reign chats with Pilot and realizes his telepathy is gone.  In Seattle, a police scientist analyzes mucus found at the recent murder scene by Detective Fowles but cannot identify the substance.  Later, a man is killed by a naked, faceless being covered in the mucus.  Dash and Kodiak free Byrd and Bootleg and flee from Dominion’s troops.  They jump out a window only to discover Dominion’s base is a floating structure high above the ground below.


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