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Appearing in "And Then Came Girth!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Pastime (Colin Simonson) (First Appearance)


  • Girth (First Appearance)
  • Brotherhood of Man
    • Reigert (First Appearance)
    • Unger (First Appearance)
  • Ikonn (First Appearance)

Other Characters:

  • Calvin
  • Jimmy




Synopsis for "And Then Came Girth!"

On a highway outside of Richmond, Washington, the obese tracker Girth steps out of a teleportation portal and gripes that he has to walk to Seattle to retrieve his target. In Seattle, Exit and Kodiak recuperate from their injuries at home while Byrd, Dash, and Reign visit a carnival. The three are about to watch a magician’s show when Girth arrives.  He identifies the magician as his former colleague Colin Simonson a.k.a. Pastime who he is there to apprehend.  Reign has Byrd fly off with Pastime and Dash evacuate civilians while he steps in. But, Girth uses a device to capture Byrd and Pastime.  In Montana, the Brotherhood of Man have tracked Proctor and the New Men to Seattle. Reign telekinetically blasts Girth, and Girth retaliates by holding a gun to his head.  Fortunately, Dash pulls him away just before Girth shoots.  Girth then hurls a boy into the air.  Dash uses her super-speed to save him, but Girth knocks out Reign.  Exit teleports in, saying he will not fight Girth, but Kodiak will.  Kodiak arrives and lunges at Girth.  Elsewhere, a young boy shows his father the red, angular structure sticking out of the ground.  It has cracked open, and the creature that was within it attacks the father.


  • This issue is reprinted in the New Men trade paperback published in 1996.

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