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Appearing in "I Kissed a Girl?!! or, Hope and Despair"

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Synopsis for "I Kissed a Girl?!! or, Hope and Despair"

Dash is horrified to discover Byrd has turned into a woman and so has Proctor. Meanwhile, the team’s battle with Elemental has paused as Exit, Pilot, and Reign have transformed as well, but Elemental and his Nameless Ones soon renew their assault.  In Seattle, Dusk and Narcisse are shocked to see Kodiak has become a woman, too.  She smells and exposes one of the alien bounty hunters who then teleports away with her.  At the house, Byrd, Dash, and Proctor are about to leave to join the others when the bounty hunter Byrd fought earlier grabs her and vanishes.  Elsewhere, the New Man materializes on Earth in a blaze of energy. The New Men battle the Nameless Ones until the other alien bounty hunters arrive.  The lead hunter kills two of the shape-shifters and announces his intent to take the team captive.  Just then, he is vaporized by a new arrival, a golden-skinned being that Pilot recognizes as the Shepherd.  Dash and Proctor arrive, and the surviving Nameless Ones flee.  Then, all the transformed New Men revert to their male forms. Upon seeing the Shepherd, Proctor falls to his knees in worship.  He reveals that he recruited the New Men not to protect them from the Keep, but to deliver them to the Keep in an event called “the Harvest.”  Enraged by the deception, Reign kills Proctor with a telekinetic blast.  Overwhelmed, Bootleg flees.  Exit tries to teleport away, but the Shepherd stops him.  Reign attacks, but the Shepherd strikes him down.  The Shepherd then tells the others to ascend with him to their future.


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