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  • C.C. (flashback only)




Synopsis for "One Step Beyond"

Despite Ripclaw’s warning, Kodiak charges at Ikonn and gets shocked unconscious.  Byrd flies him to safety and has Exit distract Ikonn while he goes back for Dash and Reign.  Kodiak attacks again, but Ikonn blasts him and absorbs Reign into himself. Ripclaw attacks with his claws and finds that their inorganic metal wounds Ikonn, knocking the villain out. At the New Men’s house, Proctor is grousing over the unkept state of the kitchen when Khyber enters, warning of trouble. Byrd tends to the wounded Dash while Ripclaw explains how he mystically sensed Ikonn’s presence days ago and came to investigate.  Reign reaches out telepathically, and Ripclaw deduces that the gem on Ikonn’s chest is a portal to a pocket dimension inside the Ikonn’s body.  With Reign telepathically guiding him, Exit teleports into the dimension and frees Reign as well as other people and animals trapped there.  With each rescue, Ikonn shrinks until all that is left of him is the gem from his chest. Later, the team is at the hospital where Dash is being treated for a broken leg.  Ripclaw takes Ikonn’s gem and leaves.  Pastime declines to join the New Men and leaves as well.  Kodiak tries to call Proctor, but he is not home to answer the phone.  Outside the house, armored Brotherhood of Man agents wait for the team to return.


  • This issue includes a poster of the New Men by Ben Herrera and Danny Miki.
  • This issue is reprinted in the New Men trade paperback published in 1996.

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