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Synopsis for the 1st Story

Khyber and Proctor find the New Men’s house trashed and shot up by gunfire.  Inside, Proctor reveals a hidden passage the team used to escape and intends to go after them, but Khyber knocks him out.  Meanwhile, the New Men run through the sewers below.  Reign argues they should counterattack, but Byrd says he is a lousy leader.  Armored Brotherhood of Man operatives blast through the walls and attack.  Reign and Kodiak hold them off while Byrd tries to escape with the pregnant Byrd and unconscious Exit, but more Brotherhood agents cut them off.  The Brotherhood’s leader watches the battle at the group’s Montana headquarters and orders an agent to contact their mole at the Pentagon.  Elsewhere, Elemental reports to his master who warns him not to fail in his mission a second time.  In the sewers, Khyber arrives and attacks the Brotherhood, ordering the New Men to escape. Kodiak wants to help him, but Reign orders the team to leave.  At the bar Byrd, Exit, and Reign visited earlier, the police interview patrons who blame the violence on the New Men.  A man called Pilot observes this and leaves to find Proctor.  At the Pentagon, Alan Keever monitors the situation and orders Sentinel’s Youngblood team to apprehend the New Men.  Back in Seattle, Pilot goes to the New Men’s house and finds Proctor unconscious.  He wakes Proctor up, and they escape into the sewers.

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