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Synopsis for "New Blood part 1: Deception!"

Police search the New Men’s house and learn Proctor was seen re-entering it. Underground, Pilot reveals “Proctor” to be an android duplicate and destroys it with an energy blast from his hand. He then sets off after the New Men. Hours later, Youngblood arrives in Seattle and learns from the local police chief that the New Men are hiding underground.  Sentinel recalls there is an underground space below Pioneer Square and takes the team there.  In the sewers, Byrd again questions Reign’s leadership driving Reign to run off on his own. Behind them, Khyber recovers from his battle with the Brotherhood of Man.  The real Proctor arrives and aids him.  The New Men catch up to Reign, and he and Byrd apologize to each other.  They notice the water level in the sewer rising and take off only to run into Youngblood.  Sentinel and Masada try to convince them to surrender peacefully, but they refuse, and a fight breaks out.  Unable to fight due to her broken leg, Dash slips away as Youngblood defeats and captures the New Men one by one.  Cougar notices she is missing, but Sentinel decides to leave without her.  Once they depart, Pilot introduces himself to Dash. Proctor soon arrives with Khyber and announces they going to Washington, D.C. to rescue the rest of the team.


  • This issue is part one of the two-part "New Blood" crossover with Team Youngblood. The story concludes in Team Youngblood #15.
  • The cover of this issue is the left half of a larger image formed when combined with the cover of Team Youngblood #15.

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