Real Name
Nikolas Andreyvitch Kamarov
Current Alias
Lady Zannah (Mother)
John Colt (Father)
Savant (Half-Sister)
Harmony (Grandmother)

Marital Status
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Winter is a character who is published by Wildstorm Productions. He first appeared in Stormwatch #1.

As a young boy growing up in frigid Siberia, Nikolas Kamarov saw gymnastics as his way out. After great effort and struggle, he achieved the first step toward his dreams: a position on the Soviet Olympic team. After discovering how the rest of the world lived, his regard for the Soviet State turned to deep resentment. But an unsuccessful attempt to defect placed him in the hands of Moscow authorities and at the mercy of an impending judgement.

He was forced to join the Soviet Spetsnaz. After becoming hardened by the horrors of his service, Nikolas was wounded during the ill-fated occupation of Afghanistan. Oddities in his medical records attracted the attention of Stormwatch, and shortly thereafter the United Nations took the opportunity to activate Kamarov and bring him into Stormwatch.

It was speculated that Winter was the son of Zealot (from the WildC.A.T.s) as evidenced in the 1995 Zealot-Voodoo Skin Trade Special comic. This speculation was initially due to the psychic oracle character Providence telling Zealot that she would be reunited with her long lost child during the issue's adventure. While others mistakenly believe that her child is a young girl that she tries to protect from Daemonite warriors, the one time Zealot speaks to Voodoo about her child, she is cut off before she revealed the gender of the child she left in the care of a Russian couple. Not seeing her child (a boy) there, she confronts Providence about this. The oracle then tells her that all she needs to do is look before her to see her true child. At this a helicopter appears with U.N. Forces, and StormWatch reinforcements, to help rescue the collected children and Winter steps out asking Zealot if she needs his help. She then looks at his white hair (an unusual trait for humans in WSU) and hears his Russian accent, and realizes that it is Winter that is her son but keeps this knowledge to herself. This was supported by the fact that Winter's age matched the hypothetical age of the child Zealot had with John Colt. The fact that the child Zealot was to be reunited with's age was never revealed led to open speculation.

Winter was a part of all the Stormwatch teams since the beginning of the series, eventually becoming field leader of Stormwatch Prime. His years of loyal and proven service to Stormwatch came to a tragic end when Skywatch was overrun with an alien menace (from the Alien film series). Using the last ounce of his strength, he piloted the orbital platform into the sun. However, he did not die, but became a living part of the sun. Trapped in eternal agony and enraged by the cruelty on Earth, Winter wanted to destroy it. The Authority were forced to cage him inside the sun.

As a result of the Worldstorm event, Stormwatch, including Winter, is alive. The Authority's Doctor informs Jackson King that he can do what his predecessor could not and return Winter to life. He brings Winter's soul into a cloned (and slightly younger) body. Winter's soul was also tethered to his dead teammates; Fahrenheit, Fuji, and Hellstrike. Bringing him back also brought them back. After examining Fahrenehit memories telepathically, he sees a shadowy figure that appears to be the DC comics' Monitor (a key character tied into the publishers' Crisis on Infinite Earths) telling her that the four will be needed.


  • StormWatch (full series)
  • The Authority: Scorched Earth
  • Zealot-Voodoo: Skin Trade
  • Stormwatch: PHD
Character Powers and Equipment

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


  • Energy Absorption : Winter was capable of absorbing heat or rechanneling energy directed at him, including kinetic energy and radiation. He can use this energy for his own energy blasts or convert it to physical strength. He also been shown to increase his body's durability (to the point of being able to survive in space unaided) heal rapidly and fly at high speeds. He was also able to track the energy signatures of machines and other energy wielders. There is a limit to how much energy Winter can absorb after which point he will begin to take damage. His merging with the sun indicates that Winter might be able to surpass his limits, though being part of the sun did cause him great pain and eventual insanity.
  • Kherubim Physiology: Being a full-blooded Kherubim Winter possesses various superhuman abilities.


  • Leadership: Winter has also had experience leading a superteam, and Jackson King once said, "We're not big on the popular term 'superhero' here at StormWatch, but if there's a finer hero on this planet than Nikolas Kamarov here, they're either lying or Jesus."
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat
  • Acrobatics

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