Olive Chu

Olive Chu Chew 001
Real Name
Olive Chu
Current Alias
Olive Chu
Anthony Chu (Father),

Mindy Tso-Chu (Mother - Deceased),
Amelia Mintz (Step-Mother),
Antonelle Chu (Aunt - Deceased),
Chow Chu (Uncle),
Rosemary Chu-Shen (Aunt),
Sage Chu (Aunt),
Harold Chu (Uncle),
Saffron Chu (Aunt),
Bao Chu (Grandmother),
Bok Chu (Grandfather - Deceased),
Ong Chu (Great-Grandfather),
Tang Shen (Uncle),
Chip Chu-Shen (Cousin),
Bree Chu-Shen (Cousin),

Charlie Chu (Distant Cousin)

Unusual Features
Thick Glasses
Marital Status
First appearance


Olive Chu is the reserved and socially-awkward daughter of FDA Agent Tony Chu. She lives with her aunt Rosemary and attends Francis Bacon High School.


When her school was attacked by classmate Peter Pilaf, Olive was appalled when her dad was called in to work the case. She helped ‘’’Uncle John’’’ with what facts she knew to help bring down her classmate.[1]

When Mason Savoy discovered he needed more manpower to assist with his mission, and after consuming Tony Chu’s ear to discover his child, Mason abducted Olive to assist him and Caesar.[2]

Major League Chew

Olive is trained by Mason and Caesar to use her Cibopathy skills to learn other's knowledge and skills. When she fails to save Hershel Brown, she consumes part of his body to learn how to carve anything out of chocolate with his Xocoscalpere skills.[3]

Chicken Tenders

John Colby and Michael Applebee soon got too drunk in Las Vegas and were married.[4] For the family celebration, John was told he could bring anyone except Tony Chu. As a result, John invited Mason Savoy to the event. He had Applebee and Mason sit down and work out a deal. Mason would help them capture the Vampire Collector in return for them helping him get to the truth of the avian flu. When Applebee agreed, Mason then brought out Olive to assist them as well.[5]

Vampire Collector Chew 002

Olive was quickly outmatched by the Collector.

Caesar, Mason, John, and Poyo soon headed to the Red Bear Bakery where they followed up with one of the Collector's informants. After Olive consumed one of his underlings blood, she knew exactly where to attack the Collector.[6] While they prepared to storm the compound, Tony spoke with John on the phone and told him not to attack. He knew how to take the Collector down per Toni's vision and this was not the way. Applebee ordered them to move forward with the plan anyways. The crew was quickly outmatched by the Collector. Caesar lost his arm in the battle before the Collector escaped.[7] The FDA members were saved by NASA and rushed to a nearby hospital.[8]

Blood Puddin'

Olive Chu Chew 002

Olive is determined to take down the Collector.

Amelia visited them to take care of them at the Our Lady of the Broken Femur Hospital. Tony soon had to leave and Amelia promised to stay behind to watch over Olive and let him know if she woke up. However next door, Mason pretended to be asleep until the moment was right. He sneaked into Olive's room to tried and abscond with her into the night but was interrupted by Amelia who walked back in at the right moment.[9] However, Olive revealed she was awake and stopped Amelia. She told Amelia she was leaving with Mason as they were still going to take down the Collector no matter what. Amelia followed her as a promise to watch her to her father.[10]

Mason, Olive, and Amelia began taking down the Collector's minions, including the Jellyassassin. Olive sent a warning to the Collector that they were coming for him.Cite error: Closing </ref> missing for <ref> tag. Tony ate the bird, and took down the Collector at his base in Siberia thank to the knowledge Olive, Mason and Amelia had gathered while taking down his minions.[11]

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