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"A Darkness Surrounds Him"

Cover for Outcast #1 (2014)

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Plot Synopsis for "A Darkness Surrounds Him"

Joshua grabs snack items out of the pantry as his sister and mother argue over the older man hits sister had began dating. When Joshua turns around, his mother is shocked and terrified to see blood on his face and hands and he complains about being, "so hungry."

At Reverend Anderson's home, the Reverend plays cards with several men. He tells them he believes man is born to believe and have faith. His wife apologetically enters and informs the Reverend has an urgent visitor. He walks upstairs and finds Betsy in tears. She informs him that Joshua has become what he had feared.

Kyle Barnes sleeps in his bed when an insistent knocking wakes him up. He find his step-sister impatiently knocking at the for. Upon letting her in, she does concern for him not eating well or taking care of himself. She convinces him to go out into the sunlight for an hour and run grocery shopping with her.

Outcast Vol 1 1 001

Reverend attempts to save Joshua.

Meanwhile, the Reverend attempts to exorcise Joshua. When Betsy attempts to help her boy, she is kicked in the face by Joshua and her nose is broken.

At the gas station, Megan makes Kyle promise to make a phone call to, 'her'. Suddenly, they spot Reverend Anderson driving up to the station. The Reverend walks over, shocked to see Kyle for the first time in fifteen years. He presses him on how his mother was similar to the boy he's attempting to treat right now. He asks for his help once more and swears he aided in exorcising his mother, though Kyle denies it. He tells him to head out to the old Hume Farm if he decides to do good.

Megan takes Kyle to her house which he hasn't seen in years. Kyle becomes upset about the detour. When Mark Holt arrives home, he's furious that Megan would bring him to their home. Holly stares at Kyle while they fight in their bedroom. She tells Kyle she remembers he hurt his little girl and now he's no longer her daddy. Kyle retreats in grief and tells Holly to inform them he walked home.

Later, Kyle wakes up to a knocking at his door again. He finds a care package on the ground from -M. It has the phone he was pestering Megan for earlier. He immediately makes a call to a woman. When she answers, he can't find the words and smashes the phone in anger. He heads to the Hume farm per the Reverend's request.

Outcast Vol 1 1 002

Kyle experiences painful flashbacks to a previous exorcism.

He's quickly welcomed in by the Reverend. When the Reverend and Kyle enter the room, Joshua tells Kyle he recognizes him. He says "they" are always looking for his kind, Outcasts. He jumps on Kyle and pukes in his mouth. Kyle has a flashback of the same thing happening to him when this happened to his mother. The Reverend pulls Joshua off of Kyle and ushers him outside.

On the porch, the Reverend is confused as to what occurred. He believes they will prevail as they have the power of God on their side. He then begins to tell Kyle how he was once married. His wife one day up and left him with their eight year old son. His life soon spiraled downward. He found himself needing help. When his body was beginning to become possessed by a demon. He wanted to give in to the demon but ultimately fought it off with the power of God. Kyle tells him he's ultimately okay with just accepting he doesn't understand the forces.

Outcast Vol 1 1 003

A successful exorcism.

They head back inside to Joshua. Kyle removes the blinds as he remembers his mother disliked the sunlight. He attempts to wrestle Joshua into the light to weaken him, but is repeatedly struck. The boy asks if he is stronger than Allison. After wrestling on the ground, Kyle discovers his blood burns the demon. He pours blood from a wound into the boys mouth and frees the demon inside. Betsy rushes in when she hears the disturbances and sees they have beaten her child.

Later, the police arrive and have Kyle handcuffed. When he's released with no charges, Mark Holt can barely believe it. He warns Kyle that he'll be watching him as he takes off. As they wrap up, the Reverend tells Kyle that he has a gift. Kyle tells him that his mom and wife were both possessed and he barely remembers what happened. He doesn't know how he freed them but remembers his wife was battered and who would believe he saved her from a demon. He decides he needs to find out why he's being targeted by demons.


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