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Plot Synopsis for "A Line is Crossed"

The Reverend tells Sidney he isn't afraid of him.png

Sidney came to visit Reverend, where the latter told the former that he wasn't afraid. Sidney reminded Reverend Anderson that God doesn't condone lying. Sidney told the Reverend that it was his final warning.

Amber and Kyle embrace.png

Kyle Barnes was picked up by Megan Holt. As they left, Amber walked out to say hi to her father. She told Kyle she misses him greatly and Kyle told her he missed her also. Amber asked Kyle if he left because her mother was "scary" but Kyle told her it wasn't it. Allison then stormed out and told Amber she should be in bed. Allison told Kyle to let Amber go but Kyle asked her for a moment. Allison refused and pulled Kyle away. Allison slapped and hit Kyle a few times before Amber begged her mother to stop. Kyle and Megan then left and returned to Rome.

On the drive back, Megan asked Kyle what really happened but Kyle told her it isn't the time yet. Megan asked why Amber said her mother was scary and that she shouldn't live with her mother if she believed that. Kyle told Megan that wasn't Allison at the time and Megan told Kyle he wasn't making any sense.

While eating dinner, Reverend repeatedly said to himself that he isn't afraid of Sidney as the lord is watching over him.

Mark discovers Megan is possesed.png

Late at night, Holly came down and told her father she heard a dog. Mark told his daughter there is no dog and put her back to sleep. Later, he heard a growl in his room and as he opened the door, he saw his wife possessed.

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A line is crossed.



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