Quote1.png It's my touch... it's me. Doesn't need to be blood. My presence... water... light.. it's too much for them. Quote2.png
-- Kyle Barnes

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Plot Synopsis for "This Little Light"

Mark Holt sits in Kyle's House and soothes Holly. He tells her that, "mommy will be okay" as he just asked Kyle and Anderson for help.[1] Mark steps outside of the home and runs into Sidney, who greets him politely.

Meanwhile at the Holt residence, Kyle and Reverend enter the room with Megan once more. Kyle pushes her for answers on why the demons exchange energy with breath. Megan is compelled by the demon inside and lunges at Kyle and attacks him. He and Reverend are both barely a match against her fury, which is amplified by the demon's power. When Reverend Anderson attempts to exorcise the demon, the demon laughs at him and calls him out as to whether even he believes he is truly helping.

Kyle orders Anderson to turn on the lights and draw cold water in a bath to help combat the demon as that will help weaken it. Once they get Megan in the bathtub, the demon slams Megan's head against the wall. Anderson says the demon is loosing and that's why it's trying to destroy its host.

Mark arrives to find his wife battered and bloody.

Suddenly, Mark arrives and he can't believe what is happening to his wife. He orders Kyle and Anderson to leave but they plead it isn't Megan yet. Megan coyly smiles and tosses Mark out the window. Kyle and Anderson grab Megan from flying out the window as well. Kyle finishes his procedure. A black liquid spews from Megan's mouth and suddenly she is cognizant and back to her old self. Anderson rushes to the window and sees that Mark's back is bent backwards over a bird bath.

Meanwhile back at Kyle's home, Holly wakes up from her sleep. She looks in a dark corner and spots Sidney watching over her. Sidney tells her that she will be safe with him.

Solicit Synopsis

This Little Light. Kyle is faced with the most emotional exorcism he's performed yet...as he begins to learn more about his abilities and what's really happening around him. The pieces are starting to fall into place as secrets are revealed that will change everything.


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