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Plot Synopsis for "I Remember When She Loved Me"

Blake Morrow kisses his wife, Theresa. He suddenly bites of her tongue and spits it out. He smiles at her with blood dripping down his chin. Luke Masters returns to the scene and Blake welcome him home.

Outcast Vol 1 3 001

Blake attacks Theresa and kills her by biting her tongue off.

Reverend Anderson plays cards with friends. He tells them God is busy waging war against the devil. He doesn't have time to keep track of all the minor sins man creates. He heads home after getting too drunk. He hands the poker winnings to a woman to complete the roof fund for the church.

Kyle heads to his house but is called to his neighboring home by Norville. He agrees to share a cup of soup with him. He tells Kyle he lost his wife, Elise, a year ago and has grown lonely. Kyle begins thinking about Allison and how close he was with her.

The Reverend calls his son, Matthew. He tells him he needs to talk to him.

In town, Megan packs the car while Holly begins mindlessly wandering into the street. The man from the church rescues Holy from being hit by a car at the last moment.

Kyle leave Norville's home. As he approaches his home again, he recalls when Allison and he decided to have a baby. He heads inside and faces a door with a key in the handle. He changes his mind and tells himself it won't be today as he looks at the key.

Later, Luke Masters shows up at Kyle's apartment and asks to speak with him.



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