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Luke Masters tells Kyle Barnes he's at his house on unofficial duty. He tells him that someone close to him recently changed and could use his help. He did his research and saw how Allison and Sarah changed. When he learned that Kyle helped Joshua he figured he'd come talk to him. Kyle invites him in his home.

Outside Norville's home, the man from the church stops in.[1]

Kyle stops by Reverend Anderson's place to talk. Reverend tells him he making runs and hell have to tag along. Kyle tells him how Luke Masters stopped by his home. He explains his partner, Blake Morrow might be possessed and had murdered his wife.[2] The Reverend finds it strange as Demons typically want to corrupt souls instead of murdering people. They arrive at Mildred's home. When she trips, Kyle attempts to catch her. She screams in agony. Kyle apologizes profusely.

As they walk outside, Reverend explains she was possessed several years back and he exercised her.

At Megan's home, Megan Holt rebukes Mark Holt for attacking Donnie in the street earlier.[3] She tells him he can't lose his job.

Outcast Vol 1 4 001

Kyle and Reverend investigate the West Virginia State Prison detainee, Blake Morrow.

At a bar, Luke tells Kyle about his history with Blake. He found his wife murdered by his hands and tells he couldn't have been that wrong about both of them. He began looking into cases where people just suddenly snapped and no charges were made. He asks them to go to prison to see if they can help free Blake. They agree.

Kyle heads to Norville's home. However, the man from the church answers the door. He informs him his name is Sidney and that Norville had passed away several days ago.

The next day, Masters, Kyle, and Reverend head to the West Virginia State Prison to talk with Blake.



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