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Plot Synopsis for "A Wrath Unseen"

At the prison, Blake Morrow makes several remarks about raping and killing Luke Masters' wife. Luke loses his cool and attacks Blake. Reverend Anderson and Kyle Barnes pull Luke of and ask him to wait outside. After talking with Morrow, Reverend doesn't think he's possessed. Kyle touches him and Morrow screams in agony. After Kyle lets go, Morrow asks if Kyle is Outcast.

Outcast Vol 1 5 001

Reverend exorcises Blake Morrow.

After consulting, they agree they must exorcise immediately due to Luke punching him. They probably won't get let back in. The Reverend's first few attempts are futile and Morrow laughs at him. As Kyle touches him, he writhes in pain. Kyle decides to pour some of his blood in Morrow's mouth. Officers run in the room hearing the commotion and kick them out.

As Kyle and Reverend leave, they tell Luke they have no idea how to help his friend. As they leave, Kyle proposes going back to see Mildred since she reacted when he touched her earlier.[1]



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