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Plot Synopsis for "Receive Your Mark"

Sidney approaches Kyle Barnes and Reverend Anderson. He tells them he was watching the sunset and heads back into the house. Reverend tells Kyle he saw him earlier and there something he doesn't trust about the guy. Kyle and again if they can see Mildred tomorrow to verify if his touch hurts her. The Reverend agrees.

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Kyle learns his touch pains those who are possessed.

The next day, Mildred is displeased to see Kyle accompanying the Reverend. The Reverend behind asking about Mildred's sister. She tells him she passed away. Kyle quickly grabs her hand and she screams in agony. The Reverend excuses them. Outside, the Reverend has a wave of grief hit him. He can't believe she had a demon inside her and he failed to exorcise her. Kyle wants to ask her questions but the Reverend thinks she wouldn't tell him straight answers anyways.

Upon arriving home, the Reverend find Sidney waiting for him in his house. He strips the Reverend's shirt off and marks him with an inverted pentagram.

Kyle looks at the door in his house with a key in it again.[1] He opens the for and is struck with a flood of memories. The room once had his possessed mother inside. When she attacked him, he pulled down the curtains and touched her. This relieved her off the demon but also let her comatose. Snapping back to reality, Kyle thinks to himself that it is just a room.



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