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Plot Synopsis for "The Road Before Us"

Reverend Anderson attempts to soothe his inverted pentagram wound that Sidney placed on him.[1] He feels regret and sorrow for not having the power to stop the devil now that'll he's meet him.

Outside Kyle's House, Sidney coughs and hacks in the rain and walks away as Kyle lies in his bed.

Outcast Vol 1 7 001

Reverend patches up his injuries.

Megan Holt heads to Charleston to meet with Allison Barnes at a coffee shop. Allison admits she still thinks about Kyle, even through the restraining order. She thinks that as long as her daughter, Amber Barnes, is safe that's all that matters. Megan heads back to Rome, West Virginia.

Kyle borrows Norville's car from Sidney. He drives past Mildred's home and receives an ominous glare. He heads to the Austin household and meets Roger. He soon heads up stairs to check on Joshua. He works in a way to touch him and realizes Joshua has no reaction to his touch so he must not be possessed.

In town, Donnie runs into Megan. Megan doesn't let him finish his words and tells him he a rapist and always will be.

Kyle stops by the Reverend's home and tells him Joshua is fine. The Reverend points out that his attempts to exorcise were failures. He begins wondering if any of the good he thought he's done has stuck. Kyle agrees to help him find out.



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