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  • Roy (First Appearance)


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Plot Synopsis for "A Vast and Unending Ruin"

Megan Holt and her family discuss Mark Holt's upcoming birthday.

Outcast Vol 1 8 001

Brian reacts poorly to Kyle's touch implying h is possessed.

Reverend Anderson brings Kyle Barnes to Brian's house, a man who he has exorcised historically. When Kyle touches Brian, he spits black liquid from his mouth, the same way Mildred did. The Reverend quickly ushers them outside where they discuss that the Reverend's attempts have been failures. He then shows Kyle the inverted pentagram painted on his chest. He tells him how Sidney placed it there and that he is the devil incarnate.[1]

They head to find Sherry, another previous Reverend exorcism. Roy informs them she took off for Charleston.

Kyle and Reverend head into town to get gas. They argue about how widespread this could be. Suddenly Kyle realizes everyone at the gas station is staring at them.



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  1. Outcast #6
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