Quote1 I believe I've taken care of them. You shouldn't be seeing them again Quote2
-- Sidney

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Plot Synopsis for "What Lurks Within"

Kyle Barnes tells Reverend Anderson they should leave the gas station as everyone is staring at them.

Outcast Vol 1 9 001

Mildred attempts to steal energy from Sidney.

Sidney stops by Mildred's home. He introduces himself as Sidney but Mildred says she knows what he is. They discuss how she's grown weaker and takes what she can to survive. She doesn't think she'll make it to "the Merge." She attempts to kiss Sidney and a black energy comes from their mouths as they both begin coughing uncontrollably. He tells her it won't work, and she replies that she had to try. Sidney asks if she wishes she had stayed and she tells him she loves being, 'here.'

Reverend calls Luke Masters for information on Sherry's whereabouts.

Later, the Reverend and Kyle explore Charleston. When Kyle suddenly hears the scorning of his name, "outcast" he takes off after the woman. He realizes it is Sherry. When they trap her in a warehouse, they realize she avoids the light more so than the other exorcised victims. The Reverend remarks that it's been longer since he's seen Sherry. Kyle demands to know from Sherry why his touch hurts them. She tells him that he is the key, their light and they need him for power. But they still hate him too. She jumps on him and pulls black smoke from his mouth. The Reverend jumps in and pulls her off of him. When Kyle touches her, he successfully exorcises the demon from inside. However, it leaves Sherry in a comatose state, unable to respond.



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