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Quote1.png I got honors list in poison Quote2.png
-- Petra


Petra is a gloomy goth girl who was dumped into the King's Dominion Atelier of the Deadly Arts. Her parents were both hippies who joined a death cult and met Master Lin at an orgy. They figured a way to relieve themselves of their parent duties with Petra was to dump her off at the school.[1]

Petra first met Marcus as a party.[2] When he was rejected by his friends, she invited him out to hang with her.[3] Eventually, the two hooked up as Marcus continued his downward spiral of shame and worried about his friend turning against him.[1]

Kill the Rats

Master Lin soon announced the final was to kill all the rats, those that have disobeyed the school's rules. Marcus grabbed Petra as the two attempted to flee from their classmates. Petra concocted poison to help them kill several classmates that were pursuing them. They then grabbed Billy along the way who agreed it was safer to be with his kind, the rats, then to be with others. Elsewhere, Victor teamed up with Shabnam as they made plans to hunt down and kill Marcus.[4]

They made a plan to kill Victor. When Paulie bailed on them, Billy was chased and was left to improvise. Marcus and Petra caught up with Billy as the trap and found Billy had been beaten savagely. Victor was sprawled out on the ground as the gigantic stone they rigged had fallen and smashed Victor in the back. However, they were soon attacked by an explosive arrow. They escaped to the last place anyone would look for the three of them, f-face's old place, the Tenderloin. Marcus finally agreed with Billy and Petra to run from the school and stop playing this deadly game.[5]

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  • Lex once ridiculed Petra's outfit as a function of her persona, arguing that her personality was simply an amalgamation of a stereotype:[2]

"And speaking of outdated costumes--How long did it take you to get done up like a gothic ghouly tonight, Petra love? Oh sad, poor poet. Thigh-cutting, clove-smoking, Mardy Fuckin' Bauhaus listener. Get some health in your diet. Spend a day in the park. Feed the sodding squirrels--Life's not so bad. " Petra responded by flicking him off and saying:

"Joy Division is lower hanging fruit, Lex."

  • Petra is generally troubled by the underlying pragmatism that encompasses human romance and social interaction. She argued to Marcus that the feeling of loneliness comes from 'being rejected by a potential baby-making machine.'