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Phantom Jack
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Phantom Jack
Phantom Jack

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Phantom Jack is the eponymous character of a comic book series created by writer Michael San Giacomo. Its publication started in early 2004 as a monthly series at Image Comics, completing its first five-issues story-arc. After a creative team change and a creative difference with the publisher, the title moved to Speakeasy Comics where its first arc was collected in 2005 as a trade paperback.

Newspaper reporter Jack Baxter can turn invisible. Not exactly a hero, Baxter uses his powers to scoop other reporters. His test of fire comes when his brother is captured in Iraq. Jack rescues his brother with the aid of the beautiful Madison Blue, an invisible secret agent for the group 'Miscellaneous'. Stories lean toward realistic portrayals of characters in modern world, not typical super-hero fare. The series ran in 2005 from Image and returned in June, 2007, from Atomic Pop Art Entertainment with PHANTOM JACK: THE NOWHERE MAN AGENDA, where Jack confronts his evil opposite and faces his final fate.


  • 2003: Created by Michael San Giacomo as part of Marvel Comics' aborted revival of their "Epic" imprint.
  • 2004: Phantom Jack #1 - #5 is a monthly series at Image Comics. Art by Mitchell Breitweiser, colors by Jaime Jones.
  • 2005: Phantom Jack: The Collected Edition (Speakeasy Comics) collects the first series and adds six new stories with new artwork from Sean McArdle and Brett Barkley.
  • 2007, June: "Phantom Jack: The Absolute Edition" collecting all the stories in the trade paperback along with two new stories for Atomic Pop Art Entertainment.
  • 2007, June: The release of the first of the three-issue mini-series PHANTOM JACK: THE NOWHERE MAN AGENDA featuring a battle to the death between Jack and his evil, invisible counterpart, THE NOWHERE MAN.

Art by McArdle, Andy Belanger and Andy Finlayson. Inks by Tom Schloendorn, colors by Nathaniel Fairbairn. It was solicited in Spring 2007 by Atomic Pop Art Entertainment, scheduled for publication in June, 2007.

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