Pia McKay

Pia McKay Black Science 001
Real Name
Pia McKay
Grant McKay (Father deceased),

Nate McKay (Brother),

Sara McKay (Mom)

Marital Status
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Pia McKay resented her father for his choices of leaving his family for Rebecca and prioritizing work over his family. She turned to shoplifting, smoking, and being arrested as she lashed out watching her mother break down to losing her husband to work. She raised her brother when her mom stepped down.[1] She became suicidal at age the age of 16 and wanted to get back at parents. She stole money from her parents and tried every drug she could find. She was shocked when her mom found her and wasn't mad. She told her that you never give up on family and this changed Pia's outlook on life.[2]

After their 4th Dimensional jump and being chased by Dralyns, Pia and the Dimensionauts ended up on 5th dimension. The group argued over the next steps and who was to blame. 2nd Dimension Sara McKay escaped during the argument and Pia chased after her.[3] They soon were chased by the Centurions, a group dedicated to purging a rampant virus killing the world brought back by the 5th Dimension Dimensionauts. Sara ordered Pia to head back but Pia refused due to her mom's teachings at a young age of never giving up on family. Suddenly, Pia's nose began bleeding and they worried what was happening. Centurion troops arrived and burned them both with flame throwers.[2]

Grant McKay arrived and gave Pia an adrenaline shot to the heart bringing her back to life. He rushed her to the Shaman to have her wounds healed and the virus cured.[4]

Second Dimension

Sara and Grant never boarded the Pillar to travel through dimensions. Instead it exploded and killed their two children, Nate and Pia. Wanting to protect them, Sara and Grant began traveling through dimensions attempting to save Pia and Nathan from their inevitable death.[5]

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