Appearing in "Fight & Flight!"

Featured Characters:

  • Pitt
  • Timmy
  • Jereb

Supporting Characters:

  • Timmy's Grandpa
  • Bobbie Harras


  • The Creed

Other Characters:


  • New York



  • Pitt's Motorcycle

Plot Synopsis for "Fight & Flight!"

Pitt, newly arrived on Earth, is assaulted by a biker gang. Pitt tears them apart, an event which is subconsciously witnessed by 7-year-old Timmy, who wakes in a fright. Pitt is scolded by a shared consciousness named Jereb for his unnecessary violence as Pitt steals one of the gang members clothes and motorcycle.

Detective Jack Smithers of the NYPD finds himself saddled with a new partner, Detective Bobbie Harras, as his case with the superhuman subway attack is bumped up to a homicide. The detectives arrive at the crime scene just as three more aliens materialize in the subway car and begin to slaughter the bystanders.


  • This issue immediately follows the events of the Youngblood #4 Image Extra


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