Quote1 It doesn't matter what you think of me even in the slightest. I will have my day in court, and I will not fight this. I know what I did, and why I did it, and the world will hear me -- the world will hear me and they will thank me. Quote2
-- Jon Jackson Stevens

Appearing in "Who Killed Retro Girl? Part 6"

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Plot Synopsis for "Who Killed Retro Girl? Part 6"

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Solicit Synopsis

Retro Girl's murderer has been caught. But the murderer's interrogation and confession will shed surprising light all over the mysteries that surround the detectives and the world of POWERS. All this and a surprise ending that will knock the socks right off your feet. This is the latest issue of Powers. Cops and capes. Homicide with superheroes. Co-created by Brian Michael Bendis (SAM AND TWITCH, HELLSPAWN, Ultimate Spiderman) and Mike Avon Oeming (Young Justice.) This on-going, hard-boiled crime comic with a mainstream twist is brought to you in startling full color by Pat Garrahy (JLA).



  • Chaykin Park is presumably a reference to comic book creator Howard Chaykin.

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