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Poyo is an infamous chicken fighter. He was recruited to the FDA and USDA as a doomsday device they could use to kill entire armies. He attacks with lightning fast speed and is described as being a 'demon' by D-Bear.


Poyo was originally held captive on the small island Yamapalu. He was an illegal chicken fighter that became notorious for eviscerating his opponents. He was stolen by The Chief of Police and brought state-side to fight. He was taken from Raymond by Butcher Jones who would enter the chicken into fights illegally.[1]


Later, he was instated into the U.S. Department of Agriculture as one of their top agents. He was used as a last resort to wipe out the evil dictator JonTongJoo and succeeded in wiping out the remaining Korean troops.[2] As a result of his excellent service record, and Director Penya's romantic involvement with John Colby, Poyo was soon partnered with John Colby at the USDA.[3]

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John surprisingly snaps Poyo's neck.

FDA members attempted to raid the Collector's home. It failed horribly and many members were nearly killed before the Collector escaped.[4] The FDA members were saved by NASA and rushed to a nearby hospital. Tony later arrived at the hospital. He chewed out John for letting his daughter come with him. He can't believe he'd put her in danger. He told him they're through as partners... and as friends.[5]

John headed to a local bar with Poyo. He started to drink and tell Poyo that he was the best partner he ever head. As they left the bar together, he told Poyo the world wasn't ready for what he was going to do. He then quickly snapped Poyo's neck, killing him.[5]

John was planning on cooking Poyo and feeding him to Tony to help him improve his fighting skills. However, Tony was still angry at John and turned down meeting with him. John through out Poyo's body in the trash.[6]

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Tony tastes Poyo, prepared by Chow.

Later, John Colby stops by Chow Chu's apartment. He asks if he'll help him cook Poyo. Chow refuses at first, but John tells him it will help Tony get revenge on the Collector for killing Toni Chu. Chow agrees and uses his cooking skills to cover up the flavor of the rotten meat.[7] Later, they feed the chicken to Tony Chu to grant him the powers he needs to defeat the Collector.[8]

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Hand-to-Hand Combat: Poyo is an excellent fighting bird and has killed humans as well.[9]

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