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Appearing in "Extreme Sacrifice part 7"

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Synopsis for "Extreme Sacrifice part 7"

Prophet and Kirby search the wreckage of Youngblood headquarters and find the defeated members of the New Men and Youngblood.  They discover Sentinel’s corpse hanging from the ceiling with a hole in his chest.  Crypt enters and forms a telepathic link with Prophet, revealing his past and true identity. Prophet prepares to attack, but Kirby briefly holds him back, reaffirms their partnership, and says Prophet is like a son to him.  They engage Crypt together, but Crypt shoots Kirby with an energy weapon, incinerating him. Crypt transports himself and an enraged Prophet to Hell where they fight one on one.  Prophet disarms Crypt, pins him to the ground, and tears his mask off, revealing him to be a duplicate of Prophet.  Crypt kicks Prophet off and lunges at him, but then Prophet beheads Crypt with his own axe.  Crypt’s corpse dissolves, leaving behind Reign’s control gem, just as the Order of the Knight arrives.  With Crypt dead, they consider what to do next as Lord Chapel emerges and towers over them.  In his new base, Philip Omen visits a clone of Prophet he has created and tells the clone he must stay in this crypt to undergo further tests.


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