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Synopsis for the 1st Story

For weeks, Prophet has allowed the Ragnarok project to run various tests on his superhuman physiology.  Now, they are running him through a virtual reality simulation to test his mind. Observing are Kirby, Mary McCormick, Philip Omen, and Bloodstrike chief Leonard Noble.  Initially, the simulation recreates World War II and pits Prophet against Nazi infantry.  Monitored by D.O.C.C., he easily wipes out the Nazi soldiers.  But, as his adrenaline rises, he goes berserk, and D.O.C.C. loses contact with him.  An unknown force changes the simulation to a Vietnam War battle.  Consumed by bloodlust, Prophet massacres Viet Cong soldiers.  Kirby demands the simulation stop, but Omen insists it run its course.  Kirby pulls a gun, but Omen has an android Disciple restrain him.  In the simulation, Prophet cold-bloodedly murders a pregnant Viet Cong fighter.  His Christian preacher father appears and condemns for what he just did.  The strain seemingly kills Prophet, and technicians remove him from the simulator.  As they take him away, he regains consciousness and goes on the attack.  He fights his way out of the facility, killing several guards, and drives away in a stolen armored vehicle.  Kirby convinces Omen to let him go after Prophet.  Later, as he leaves, D.O.C.C. tells him he must stop Prophet by any means necessary.


  • This issue includes a pin-up of Prophet by Keith Giffen, Danny Miki, and Donald Skinner.
  • This issue is reprinted in the Prophet trade paperback published in 1996.
  • This issue also includes part 9 of 9 of the Black & White back-up feature appearing in Extreme Studios titles in early 1994. This final installment consists of the credits for the feature and a pin-up of Black and White by Art Thibert and Andre Khromov.

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