Quote1 Then maybe you are strong enough. Please--listen to me. I need your help, I need someone stronger than I am. I don't want to fight! Quote2

Rampage is a minor character appearing in Invincible. At first he appears to be nothing more than a low-level criminal, but upon further encounters with the heroes of Earth, Rampage turns out to be a man desperately seeking aid in removing his armored suit.


Rampage is a man trapped in an armored suit and because of it is nearly unstoppable. However, in reality he wishes to be rid of the suit for unknown reasons, potentially because he cannot move around freely without causing numerous amounts of destruction, which always lands him in prison. For this reason, Rampage constantly seeks out someone who is strong enough to help him remove his armored suit and end his troubles.



It is unknown how Rampage became trapped in his suit, or who gave it to him, but once he realized he could not get out of the suit he began to frantically search for help. This lead Rampage to start demolishing a metropolitan city, not caring about the damage he is causing until his suit is removed. However, the superhero Invincible is dispatched by Cecil Stedman to apprehend and quell Rampage's destruction. Invincible briefly enters a fight with Rampage and quickly subdues him without much effort. Unfortunately for Rampage, he is apprehended without anyone knowing of his desire to remove his suit.

Sometime after his arrest, Rampage escapes from captivity. This leads him onto another search for help, this time using the destruction he causes as a way of bringing a hero to him. Such a hero comes in the form of Kid Omni-Man, who spots Rampage on his first patrol as a superhero. Kid Omni-Man dropkicks Rampage while he is not looking and drops the armored brute to the floor. Rampage then asks Kid-Omni Man to help him remove his suit, as he does not wish to fight. Kid Omni-Man desperately tries to remove the suit, but he is not strong enough to do so. Rampage hits Kid Omni-Man in frustration, but before he can do anything else, Invincible dives onto him from above, knocking him out. After this, Invincible sends Kid Omni-Man home and presumably removes Rampage's suit for him, thus ending Rampage's short reign of villainy.


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Invincible Comic Series

Volume 7: Three's Company


Volume 11: Happy Days



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