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Finding comics that you're interested in or getting into comics for the first time can seem difficult, but there are a lot of great things to read out there. Image Comics has something for pretty much everybody, having published comics since 1992, some great and some bad. This is intended as a guide to help people sort them out, whether they're new to comics entirely or old veterans. These are by no means definitive or authoritative and obviously you can read the stories in whatever order you choose, but this is guidance for those who seek it.

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Image Universe comics

When Image Comics first launched, it offered creators the flexibility to create what they wanted and when. Several of the founders created a connected universe where characters would be lent to each other for various issues. At various points it was pushed harder due to the success Marvel and DC reached with their events in the nineties and 2000s. Image has since strayed away from this preferring to give their creators more flexibility. Below are some of the long-standing comics which have lived through the connected universe concepts and long continuity challenges.

Non-Image Universe comics

Image creates many comics on a weekly basis. Whether you're into sci-fi or horror, they have a flavor of comic for you. Check out some of the outstanding runs in each of the genres and support independent writers with these suggestions.

Detective-Themed Comics

Drama-Themed Comics

Fantasy-Themed Comics

Horror-Themed Comics

Humor-Themed Comics

Sci-Fi Themed Comics

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