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Blue Bolt

Richard Conrad (Jupiter's Legacy)
Real Name
Richard Conrad
Current Alias
Blue Bolt
Base Of Operations
Los Angeles

Marital Status
Medical Doctor
Advanced Medical Degree
First appearance


Dr. Richard Conrad was one of the six founding members of the Union of Justice. He is a neonatal surgeon at Los Angeles' St. Thomas Presbyterian Hospital, and his family features pro minently in San Francisco politics.

Richard also has connections in the Hollywood entertainment scene, and he is a closeted homosexual who patronizes male prostitutes. One of Richard's friends is a well known actress, Katharine Hepburn, who believed that regardless of the lavender marriages in Hollywood during that time, Richard, by virtue of risking his life for others every day, should not have to hide his homosexuality.

Blue Bolt Kissing.jpg

FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover was at the same time attempting to bring the Union under his control, discovered Richard's secret life and attempted to blackmail Richard, threatening to ruin his life if he does not reveal his teammates' secret identities. After long deliberations with himself, Richard attempted suicide by slitting his wrists in a warm tub of water in order to save his teammates the disgrace of his sexuality. Richard was rescued by his teammate, Fitz when he dropped by for a visit and found him in the tub still alive.

While recuperating in the hospital, Richard stood up to Hoover's threats and decided to resign from the team in order to protect them from the vengeful federal director. However, Grace talked him into attending a meeting at Union headquarters, explaining that they all didn't care about his sexuality and that he was a part of their team. However, unknown to Richard the team had voted on whether to keep him on the team or not, with four votes in his favor and only Walter voting against him, he was allowed to remain.

Voting to Keep Blue Bolt.jpg

After George secretly blackmails Hoover with evidence of Hoover's own homosexuality, Hoover drops the matter.

Character Powers and Equipment

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Handsome muscular, young men



Blue Bolt's Power Rod, which is a devise of his own design that could project energy as a weapon.

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Dr. Richard Conrad was gay at a time when homosexuality was illegal.