Talos StormWatch Vol 1 No. 4
Real Name
Richard Talsorian
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Place of Birth
Place of Death
Earth, outside the crash site ruins of SkyWatch
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Richard Talsorian (aka Talos) was a member of the first generation Seedlings that formed the superhuman group known as the Warguard. They were created from the radiation of a mysterious comet that imbued them with their powers, however made them insane and evil, thus becoming the first Seedling supervillains.

Before he was Talos, Richard Talsorian was a Captain aboard the Monitor One, the first orbital space station that was the prototype for the later SkyWatch station. However, the comet that fatefully passed by the space station emitted deadly radiation that killed thousands of onboard staff members, however it transformed Talsorian and other dormant seedlings like him into the powerful but unstable Warguard. Talsorian and his teammates were eventually captured and locked away in cryogenic suspension, only to be released as a last option.

Talos however did experience freedom on a few occasions, beginning with the Daemonite infiltration of SkyWatch, resulting in him being a host body for the species[1][2]. He later would escape his imprisonment, attempting to steal a unique item called Wetware, from a Japanese research facility, to forward his desire to eradicate humanity in favor of automation. This plan was stopped by Battalion and his StormWatch One team [3]. Talos was later released with his Warguard teammates during the Wildstorm crisis, with the hope of them stopping Lord Helspont. However, his leader Despot led the team to their newly attained freedom, refusing to fight Helspont or save the Earth[4].

Talos and the Warguard battled StormWatch after the Wildstorm crisis, beginning with an ambush set on a Skywatch lunar base[5]. He and the Warguard were later lured on Skywatch itself, in a desperate attempt to kill the Warguard by crashing the space station on Earth[6]. However, Talos and the Warguard survived the crash and battled the remaining members of Skywatch. During the battle, Talos and the Warguard, along with StormWatch were suddenly felled by Despot who began his "world cleansing" of free-willed individuals[7]. However, the timeline was altered after Battalion was given a glimpse of this doom. He returned through time to defeat his father Despot.

While the fate of the rest of the Warguard was not clearly determined after that point, an injured Talos ran to the desert, where he survived by eating the local wildlife. He recovered months later, killing a unit of UN troops that were trying to retrieve some technology from the crashed Skywatch. Talos reached a gas station, where coincidentally were his former enemy Backlash with Jodi and Taboo. During the ensuing fight, Talos got doused with gasoline and Jodi threw a flare stick at him, but Talos was still standing, even ablaze, until trucker Brink Gillman crashed his truck against the villain.[8]

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