Quote1 What do you do when you lost your keys? Everyone says look where you least expect, but, c'mon, that's wastin' time. What's the better thing to do. Look where you saw 'em last. Quote2
-- Terrance

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Plot Synopsis for the 1st Story

Dan looks down the barrel of a sniper rifle when Amy tells him he's an idiot and orders him to put down the rifle. She reminds him that he's an actor, not a real fighter, and the gun is registered to her so she doesn't want trouble. She asks if he's done pretending he's a big bad man and if he wants to go to the hospital. Dan accepts that she speaks the truth and together they head to get himself bandaged up.

Davis Ringside 001

Davis receives a tough call, to ignore Dan or lose his job.

Elsewhere, Davis receives a call from Kristiansen. Kristiansen warns him to stay away from Dan or he'll have his contract cut. Davis tells him he understands.

At the hospital, Dan is warned he can't take too many hits as he'll need major spinal surgery due to all the abuse he's put his body through. He checks out and is picked up by Amy. He tells her to take him to Andre Aligreti's business.

Ringside Vol 1 2 001

Dan helps Terrance conduct 'business.'

However, upon arriving he passes by Andre and speaks with Terrance. Since Terrance is in a hurry, he invites Dan along on a business adventure. They go to pick up a kid who's got three strikes against him and will skip bail. Terrance collects the kid with Dan's help. Terrance became upset as he wanted to do it himself and knew that Dan would be liable if he where injured. Dan tells him that he thinks he's the smartest guy he knows, and he need Terrance's help. He asks if he's heard of an Eduardo, who beat him up in the alleys. Terrance says he doesn't know anyone but will keep his ears peeled. He gives him the last piece of advice of searching in the last place he saw him before taking off.

Later at the office, Terrance can't find the tazer that was in his backpack.

At the bar where Dan was beat, he shows up with a tazer.

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Fact vs. Fiction.


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